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The Ripple start its history from San Francisco. This is a payment system based on block technology. It works like a payment protocol that’s similar to a payment and currency exchange system. It works with cryptolight, ordinary currencies and raw materials.

Ripple allows users to integrate a protocol into their own system. There are some countries work with Ripple currency for international transactions. For example, the Abu Dhabi National Bank soon began to use the system for some of its transactions for international payments.

The system allows customers to transfer funds in real time.

The rifle uses a battle-like technology – with the difference that the crypto-band used in the system is called “ripple”.

In terms of market capitalization, ripple is the third largest crypto-currency after bitcoin and ether.

The abbreviation for ripple is just XRP. The rip may also be associated with other currencies, such as the US dollar (USD) or the euro (EUR). When the ripple is quoted exchange with US dollar, its designation is XRP / USD.

Now, the most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Whats the difference here, when analyse Bitcoin and ripple?

The rifle is considered as a competitor to Bitcin with certain advantages over the more popular crypto market. The Ripple does not depend on a company to secure and maintain the network and the database and here he has advantages, because there is no waiting to confirm the transaction base.

By comparison, the confirmation time for a ripple transaction is only 5 seconds on average. Most of other crypto currency take longer time, sometimes more than 2,3 days.

Can you “dig” the currency Ripple, like Bitcoin?

No, the Ripple currency can not “dig”. The Ripple starts with a certain number of virtual coins and is not allowed to expand the base, according cryptographic protocol. That is why there is no need for further ripping and there is amount of Ripples, that can buy and after that there will be no more Ripple. There is an option for put more on market, but it depends of market.

The total number of ripples created is 100 billion.

How does the Ripple work?

The Ripple Network emphasizes its role in the global payments network, which simply allows financial parties such as banks to reduce their transaction costs. There is also an advantage of quicktransactions, where there is no much waiting time and all this, make Ripple good currency to work with and to make business.

Payments are secured by cryptography and are designed to fit within the existing bank infrastructure. The network emphasizes four key benefits.

When buying crypto currency, people are looking for secure way for their money, so we can say Ripple is on top3 of crypto currency. Ripple has $31,533,018,682 USD  Market Cap and has volume of $443,352,000 US in last 24 hours (11.03.2018) and al this means to say Ripple is one of the most used and secure crypto currency now a days.