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Crypto – Monero – currency of anonymous

Currency Monero has become synonym of anonymity and secure transactions in the world now a days. Many people believe, that Bitcoin currency is already anonymous, this is definitely not the case as we will see in our review article. The anonymous nature of bitcoin is very much up close to anonymous, but Monero is the natural anonymous currency today.

There is some tips, that owners of Monero account can see, when register and trade, or decide to keep them for times, when maybe currency, become more expensive, this mean in future. We don’t know, what will happened, but its one f the top currency in the moment (crypto currency). The funds you own will not be associated with your public address, as they would with Bitcoin. This means that if you tell someone their public address, they can not see how rich you are.

When you send funds to someone’s public address, what is happening is that you actually send the funds but to a randomly generated one-time address. This means that the public register does not contain any reference to the funds being received at the recipient’s public address. This mean more anonymous to you and your wealth.

The funds you are sending are not related to your own public address or the public register. Therefore, when you send these funds, the public record will not show that the funds originate from your public address and will not show that the funds have been sent to the recipient’s public address.

Many people invest in Monero, because of its high-ranking and because of its price. For 1 Bitcoin coin you can pay now At Monero, your public address will never seem in the public transaction log. Instead, address is stealth.

The recipient has also a secret browse key used to check each transaction to see if it is addressed correctly to recipient or its correctly send money to hold of Moero wallet, so this mean many options to look at your wallet. Since the recipient is the only one who knows the secret key for review, only the recipient can see that fund in wallet.

Monero not only incorporates these anonymity features into its own algorithm, but also implements new capabilities that for example most used crypto currency “Bitcoin” has not yet been able to offer. For example, the stealth address function is used to generate a translation address in Monero, where addresses are initially seriously encrypted; the recipient can get the translation, but no one can connect this address to his owner. It also has a feature called ring sign”, that makes every translated Monero grouped with hundreds of others so that any translation movement makes exponentially more difficult to track it and see owner of Monero wallet funds. At Bitcoin its possible to see how much money has sender, for example, but at Monero is very difficult to see this thing. Separately uses a ring-confidential algorithm hide the value of each transaction.

Monero Network transaction takes place, nobody can understand whether you spend the money they have sent to you, that’s why you are very easy to do transactions with people everywhere of the day and night, even if you do nothing.

Monero is called XMR and is average at 250-300$ per one coin. When we see market now, we notice its price is $ 257.72

Now a days average all crypto currency is dropped at lower level, but not sure, what will happened next day. Its very dinamic market and people, who look carefully and has right predictions can earn money from this crypto market dynamic changes. Bitcoin is now at priece 9235$ and Bitcoin Cash at 1050$, so Monero is much lower, like price and can be more easy for many people to buy one ore more coins. Everything depends on what you think and do you believe in this currency, what is your aim and can you risk some fund to invest. Market as we say is dynamic and everything can happened. Good luck with deal on Trade Market.