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Bitcoin – the oldest crypto currency

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Bitcoin starts its history in 2008, when a man named Satoshi, and in particular a team of people where he was a leading figure, created the first crypto-currency, called bitcoin. Nowadays there is hardly a person who has not heard of a friend, close or acquaintance. This crypto-currency is the oldest and most popular one today. Bitcoin is programmable money (but do not think anyone could program them as much as they want!). It is a protocol, a computer program with open and publicly accessible code. An analogy is often made with precious metals (gold and silver, platinium), which are valuable because they are rare, difficult to obtain and their quantity is limited – there is a finite number of them in the earth’s womb. Similarly, Bitcoin is programmed from the very beginning, the final number of units (coins) of it in circulation being no more than 21 million, which makes it by definition untouched by inflation.
It is estimated that about 70% of the bats are already harvested, and after the other 30% have been harvested, they will no longer dig out more, as they will reach the 21 million limit. This is a greater certainty that the crypto coin will not depreciate quickly, as paper money, for example, where a state or a wholly-owned financial institution decides to print new money, that is to say lose its value. Nevertheless, the battleship is very dynamic and changes as the price literally in seconds.

What are the advantages of the bitcoin?

There is no specific person or group of people, a particular firm or corporation, regulator, such as a government, for example, or a country that would change the conditions and influence the price.
There is no money printing and thus inflation. Here the bits are a certain number, namely 21 million units and are determined at its launch as a currency.
It is not influenced by state borders. Everyone from anywhere in the world can have a battleship, buy a battleship, buy something with them, exchange them for something else, for example.
The cost of the battlefield is determined by its demand and supply. The more people think they want to own it and are willing to trade it for goods and services, the more stable it will be as a currency, and we are currently watching that. The interest is great and there are more and more exchanges working with cryptolight. Bitkine is almost always present there and is the preferred crypto-currency.