Crypto currency

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash begin its history on 1 August 2017 and leader crypto currency at the moment was eparated on two – Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.
Bitcoin, also known as BTC, and Bitcoin Cash, or BCH, are very similar in nature and the most important difference between the two crypto currency is that Bitcoin Cash allows faster transaction times using a customized sizing of the block. Bitcoin Cash will have a block size limited to an 8 MB transaction. Bitcoin transactions on the other hand are limited to 1 MB every 10 minutes.

How much Bitcoin Cash cost?

At present, Bitcoin Cash costs only a fraction of Bitcoin’s cost. But after it started slowly because of the lack of support for its network, the new digital coin has gained momentum in commercial activity. The cost of a Bitcoin Cash coin is at the moment March 2018 900.89$ for one coin. The market capitalization is about 15.3 billion dollars.
When we see the top 10 crypto currency market, we can notice, that Bitcoin Cash is at 4th place. It’s a big increase of this currence, after less, than a year.
Many investors, decided to make a deal with Bitcoin Cash and this can be a good sign for all marketers all over the world.

What is advantage of Bitcoin Cash?

Average Bitcoin Cash transactions cost pennies (or less) and confirm in an average of 10 minutes, because pending transactions are cleared with each new block. This mean, that Bitcoin Cash transaction can cost you less, than Bitcoin and its faster, like transaction time.