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Binance Review

Binance main info

BINANCE – One of the world’s most popular exchanges for crypto-globe trading is Binance. At this exchange, for each transaction made, Binance takes 0.1% as a fee – that’s the exchange’s profit for the services. Compared to other exchanges, this is one of the lowest fees on the market, and if you buy or sell their Crypto-Currency, the fee is 0.05%, which is very low and is a preferred stock exchange of over 3 million users.

The exchange started working for about a year, but at that time it became established as a leader in the world of crypto-clay. A big plus is that its creator has a great experience in crypto-clay, has been the director of Blockchain, and has also formed a team of highly educated cadres who, for a very short period of time, have led Binance as one of the market leaders of crypto-cuurencies.

Their currency is called Binance Coin BNB, with a near market cap $ 1,052,423,000 USD, Volume (24h) $ 82,484,600 USD, Circulating Supply 99,014,000 BNB and Total Supply 197,192,382 BNB

Nearly half of the currency is sold, with definitely new and new customers. The price at the moment – the end of March is around $ 11.00 per BNB.

Binance Interface

When we look at interface, we se the logo of company on the Top left side and after that, main button:

Exchange, Labs, Launch Pad, Info

On Exchange,there is an option Basic and Advanced. Basic option show  crypto currencies, exchange volume, graphics, last price, 24 hours change, 24 hours high and much more on the display.

You can see BNB by BTC and graphic is well designed and informational. On Advanced oprion on menu, you has professional options and tools, indicator, MACD. Graphic is like Forex, Metatrader 4 or latest versions for professional traders.

Second click button on top menu is Lab, where you can find blockchain technology incubator. Binance here provide to customers Funds, Advice, Resources, Launchpad, Listing, Ideas and concepts.

On a Launch Pad, we can see Bread BNB session, Bread ETH session, Gifto – BNB session, Gifto ETH session.

On info we can create a Coin Info Session.  We can see here most popular crypto currency on Market and, BNB is placed on 17 position. This is a good start and position for coin, that has less, than 1 year experience on market of crypto currency.

How much currency (Crypto) has Binance ?

More, than 240, yes, this is one of the platform with much currency Now a days. We can choose many crypto currency and exchange at a fee 0.1% or 0.05$, that’s very well for crypto- currencies traders.

You can see currencies here.

Binance support

Binance support offers  of different kind of ways. When click on support, you can find InfoQ&A, InfoQuideLine, Deposit-To how wallet address, Deposit/Withdraw, Account Acess, Security and much more options on website.

You can contact Binance and ask your question, the section is well constructed and you can find many answers to your questions.


For conclusions, we can say Binance is a very good popular platform. Its new(less, than a year), but its very popular, developed by experts and has many feautures.

Binance. Exchange the World. from Hypercube Studios on Vimeo.