Crypto currency


Ethereum was created in 2013 by the Russian programmer, Vitalyk Buterin. The online sale, made in 2014, has formed the core of funding for the new platform and the system became reality on July 30, 2015, with near 12 million “coins” in circulation. The system  allow independent programmers to create their own applications, using entirely decentralized and public blockchain network. This mean like all blockchain applications, benefits include the increased privacy and personal power. More important is that this system allows the creation of a variety of sophisticated systems using blockchain technology capable of handling complex. Ethereum is one of the leaders now a days in crypto currencies market.

How to trade with the etheric?

How does the ether work?

In the case of the Etherite block, instead of digging the coins, the users are working to emit “Ether”, a kind of crypto-wave that feeds the entire network. The ether use by software developers to pay for the Ethernet network services.

What is Block chain technology?

Blockhouse is a decentralized public register for all transactions that have ever been made on a particular network and numbers of transactions form a database unit called block. Each of the blocks contain information about the previous block, as well as each transactions. It\s completely transparent and developed using open source that does not belong to any organization or person. Block technology and its support are done by millions of computers that verify transactions and add them to blocks. Note, that this cost a lots of energy, so many people decided to try, but has a the end of the month a higher billing fees for electricity.

In terms of ether, ether is a block that plays the role of a database tracking the owners and the transactions made on the network.  Ethereum using a token system called Ether.

Where can you spend Ethereum coin?

Ether is increasingly used to pay for certain goods and services online, within the Ethernet network. Now when we open one of the leading trade markets, we can see Ethereum is placed at 2Nd position with Market Cap $37,224,011,582 and price for 1 Ethereum 377#, The statistic info is from 30 March 2018 year.

Ethereum is a crypto currency, that was hold of many traders and many of them believe in its future increasing and that’s why its prefered method for investment, savings, business and etc.

We say, that  from the graph below from the entry of the ether in 2015, as the crypto-wave, the ether exhibits slow signs of progress. This year, however, things have changed radically at the end of 2017 year, but its on most crypto currencies.

Why did the price of Ethereum rise?

The answer is simple and complicated. To a large exten appreciation of the ether is predestined by investors’ awareness of the crypto currency. The more the investment community gets acquainted with and informs about the crypto-lows, such as the Bitcoin and the Ethereum, the more interest is progresse and in the case of this crypto currency, the exceptional appreciation was largely predetermined by the quest of the acquaintances familiar with Bitcoin. Depends on Bitcoin and Ethereum, I think, that its more cheaper to invest in Ethereum. For one coin, its 377, but for one coin of Bitcoin I 8500$, average. Many traders believe in ethereum and it’s the second world crypto currency.

Ethereum is one of the leaders in crypto currencies and if you decide to invest in this type of market, you can really can analyse and see the advantages of this currency. Its cheaper, than Bitcoin and it’s a good alternative.