Crypto currency

EOS crypto

EOS is one of the leader at the moment in crypto currencies world and when we see, its on 5th place.

Crypto currency EOS has a Market Cap $12,258,334,314 USD and Volume (24h) $3,578,600,000 USD and that’s very good results shown on coinmarketcap nowadays.

It’s a potencial investment currency and many people invest in it depends on prices. When see Bitcoin, its situated on 1st place, but Bitcoin is an expensive cuurency. One Btcoin sell for 9067.00$ on April 2018 and compare to EOS currency, not many people can buy one or 0.1 coin, so here EOS at the moment sell fr price – 15$ and that’s a reasonable price.

Should investors believe in EOS?

EOS starts on 2017 and that’s the first blockchain technology in the world that has its own constitution. Its usefull, well flexible and platform shown a future options. The greater features is fastnest, its allow thousands transactions per second and depends on Bitcoin, its very fast. The platform EOS, separates authentication from action and every customer not needed to introduce each time their personal information to generate transactions.

Lets talk here for speed and compare other Top currencies. Bitcoin allows 3-4 transactions per second, other  one Top currency Ethereum allows average 30 orlittle more transactins per second. EOS allow thousands transactions per second. Its fast and flexible.

EOS platform is certainly one of the most inovative blockchains in the world and we will see, whats will be the future and interest, but at the moment for very short time, they placed 5th in Top Ranking and that is a big surprise and many people decide to give it a chance and make investments.

Is EOS next generation blockchain?

Some traders says: “EOS is next generation blockchain”. We will se in future how this currency will move on market, but start is really impressive.